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Welcome… to South African writer Vanessa Finaughty’s website, where you can find out more about me and my writing and read reviews and extracts from my works.

I was born and raised in South Africa and see myself as a born writer. I aspired to be a writer ever since I read my first book, and love to be absorbed in reading a good book, or, even better, penning a new adventure from the depths of my often-dark and murky mind, exploring the world in a way that no one but a writer can.

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, for the pure enjoyment of it, but only submitted my first short story for publishing in 2007, which was, amazingly (for a first submission) accepted, and was published in the summer ’07 issue of South Africa’s Something Wicked horror magazine – the first and only printed horror magazine in the country at the time. Since then, I’ve been focussing on freelancing to earn a living and building up a group of capable freelancers to provide copywriting, editing and proofreading services to an array of companies and individuals.

Genres I favour include horror, fantasy, thriller and science fiction, with a bit of erotica thrown in from time to time, and thriller and fantasy tying in first place. My reading interests range a bit further to include various non-fiction topics and the odd true life story.

I believe in doing something properly or not at all, and am a coffeeholic, workaholic, chain smoker who has five babies (the furry, four-legged type) and do not sleep the same hours normal people do. I much prefer the early morning or late hours when the rest of the world is fast asleep – and quiet!

My first novel, Ashes to Ashes, an erotic thriller, was just published in July 2011, and is available from Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other distributors. See purchases page for more distributors.

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Sanctuary for the Devil

Legends of Origin, Book 2

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Ashes to Ashes

Terrorscape anthologyHorrotica - short story anthology - horror with elements of erotica

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Ashes to Ashes

When Mathieu Cousteau dies, twenty-seven-year-old Michelle van Wyk is relieved that the man intimidating her can no longer make good on his threats. Her relief is short-lived, however – Mathieu’s soul lives on, and is hell bent on avenging his murder. Michelle’s situation grows direr when Mathieu’s handsome brother, Pierre Dumaine, becomes obsessed with her, and drags her into his world of warped love, murder and treachery, where things aren’t always what they seem.

Michelle soon finds herself on France’s Grand Serre Che ski slopes, where her will – and ability – to survive are put to the test. If Pierre’s love doesn’t kill her, his dubious ‘colleague’, Frédéric, or one of his crime bosses’ other lackeys, just might.

Pitted against harsh weather and Frédéric’s hatred, with merciless gunmen and an angry poltergeist hot on their trail, Michelle fights the ultimate battle for survival. Can they perform the ritual to destroy Mathieu’s soul before he kills them? Will Frédéric give in to his desire to kill her, or will Pierre’s love be the death of her? Only time will tell – something Michelle isn’t sure she has enough of.

“The story grabs you from the first chapter, and takes you on a non-stop ride to the stunning conclusion.” – Merry Muhsman, author of Peddler's Trials.

"This fast-paced story takes many gripping twists and turns, but I defy anyone to predict the ending!" - T.C. Southwell: author of The Queen's Blade, Demon Lord and other series.

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